Body Tune-Up

Hello, Beautiful Soul,

How is your body feeling today?

Weight issues? Phantom pains? Chronic dis-ease?

A lot of energy can be behind these issues.

That’s why I’m offering a very unique coaching program with more ongoing support to clear your deepest body blocks!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and trust that your intuition will make the right call…


Body Tune-Up Six-Week Group Coaching Experience

You, me, and a small group of other beautiful souls are going to have a fun time clearing as many body blocks as possible in only six weeks!

Once a week, for six weeks, we will have an audio call, where it will be Q&A format. That means I will use the entire hour calling on people who have raised their hands and/or put comments into the Zoom chat and channel healing directly from Source based on where everyone is at the moment. Source will choose the questions that will benefit the most for everyone in the program.

Normally, a program that offers this level of customized attention from a Master Level healer would start at $5,000. A lot of healers and coaches that aren’t even at the Master Level charge a lot more for shifting a lot less. (And good for them for manifesting that!)

I’m aware that a lot of people in my soul tribe would love to invest $5,000 into working with me for six weeks – if they could afford it. Many clients have worked with me long enough to create the momentum to be able to easily afford a high caliber $5,000 coaching program. (And more power to them!)

But not everyone is at that level right now.

Yet your soul is craving the deep transformation and has been ready to go to the next level for quite some time.

It can be a catch-22. It’s something I think about often. I ask Source questions like, “What can I create that would be a high-caliber body healing experience and how can I make it as affordable as possible?”

I’ve been manifesting my heart off, figuring out where I can cut and lower the administrative costs of creating and delivering such a powerful coaching program. (As much as I’d love to offer it for free, it still does cost me thousands of dollars to run a program, as it wouldn’t be fair for my team to ask them to put this together for free. They are worth their weight in gold and they deserve every penny!)

That’s why instead of asking for $5,000 for a priceless experience, I’m only asking for the small amount of $197 per person, which helps me cover the administrative expenses of running this $5,000 program. (If I can manifest $4,803 towards your enrollment, I know it’s possible for you to manifest the remaining $197.)

Trust me when I say that I’ve moved heaven and earth to make this program as affordable as possible, while still delivering the highest Source healing energies on the planet. Now it’s your turn to do your part and take advantage of this ridiculously juicy opportunity for you and your soul!

At only $197, this offering will sell out fast! Take action and register now!


Will there be a replay?

Yes, there is always a replay. The replay will be added to the Dropbox folder listed in your registration email within 48 hours. The replay is just as effective as attending live. Source is smart! Even if you can’t make it on the call live, Source has your back and is automatically including the right healing energies for everyone that is registered for the experience.

Is there a payment plan?

No, and here’s why it doesn’t make sense to have one. The goal of this program is to offer the most high-quality, but also most affordable master level body healing available on the planet. Having a payment plan would significantly increase the administrative work required, which would make the program more expensive for everyone overall.

Will you be offering this program again in the future?

This may be the only time I ever offer this program. A lot of work goes into creating a customized program of this caliber that is tailored based on the needs of everyone that registers. A lot of energy goes into offering a $5,000 program for only $197, especially when I know I could easily fill the seats for a $5,000 program. A lot of energy goes into arguing with my mentors who are yelling at me for being so generous. (Seriously. What I’m doing is unheard of!)

Can you guarantee certain outcomes?

The only thing I can guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to heal as many body blocks as possible during our calls over the six weeks. Source does not hold back! Because of free will choice, the only person who can guarantee a certain outcome is you! It’s up to you to take action and take advantage of the time we have available to work together!

Are you ready? Register here: