Rapid Core Transformation

I am proud to announce that I am offering Rapid Core Transformation healing that can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This potent energy container heals, transforms, and helps you manifest your heart’s desires with ease at a very low monthly cost. A regular session with me costs $800 an hour. You are getting over 720 hours of potent healing every month. That’s a value of $576,000!

It works on both people and animals and there are budget-friendly options for large families where the cost is as low as $40 per person or animal per month. Go on, action taker. Invest in yourself and your loved ones!

Receive Remote Healing 24/7

Note: For chronic and stubborn issues, a minimum of one year is recommended.

Easy Beauty Facelift

The Easy Beauty Facelift delivers potent healing energies to amplify your beauty and all the superpowers that come with beauty, including charm and charisma through utilizing the quantum field. This high-level, pure and potent Source energy is automatically customized to fit your specific beauty needs! Infusions of positive energies occur 24/7, even while you are sleeping. Wake up even more beautiful each and every day! Only $100 per month!


Note: For chronic and stubborn issues, a minimum of one year is recommended.

21 Days of Magical Manifestation

11 energy-encoded mp3s to help you manifest your dream life! ($249 + tax)

Money Clearing Audio

An energy-encoded mp3 to clear and heal over 100 disempowering beliefs related to having money and attracting money! ($49 + tax)


Be attuned to very specific energies with laser precision to help you shift faster. Attunements are sent remotely 24/7 for 1 year. The energies are very gentle and build up over time. Email me at to request a custom attunement for your desired topic! ($77 + tax)


Master Level Attunements

Allow me to energetically transfer all my spiritual gifts and consciousness to you remotely in accordance with your highest and best good to speed up your intuitive development!

The Master Level Attunement is for “I am capable of doing everything Vera can do and so much more. I am capable at vibrating at the same level Vera does and so much higher.”

This Master Level Attunement is sent remotely 24/7 for one whole year. The energies are very gentle and will not overprocess you. There is no audio to download as this is being sent completely remotely. ($1,997 + tax)


Please note that I do not issue refunds for energy work once the energy work has been initiated. Thank you for honoring the energy exchange.