Experience your first 2 weeks of Rapid Core Transformation for only $1*, exclusively for the From Heartache to Joy community.

  • Sends healing to strengthen every cell of your body to speed up physical issues
  • Sends healing to blocks that are triggered
  • Sends healing to blocks that are dormant to prevent them from becoming triggered where possible
  • Fills you in with any energies you may be depleted in, including energetic nutrition and energies from home planets for star seeds
  • Amplifies your manifestation muscles
  • And so much more! Even when you’re asleep!

I signed up my dear one to Rapid Core Transformation just a little time ago and Vera sent me that energies are already running and even before I got a message from her, I notice instant shift as far as how my dear one was walking and talking, there was more life in his being. Absolutely amazing change 💝. And it was just in a short time.


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I have been receiving Vera’s RCT for the past few months. What I’ve noticed so far is that my sleep has improved and my life has been smoother overall.


Rapid Core Transformation scans your energy 24/7 every nanosecond and takes a snapshot of what is going on in your energy. If blocks are triggered, energy is sent to clear and heal those blocks. If blocks are dormant, energy is sent to clear and heal those blocks, and whenever possible, prevents them from ever being triggered to allow more ease. (There is a lot of coding to prevent unpleasant things when possible which other modalities may not be programmed to do.) 

It strengthens every cell in your body on a constant basis to help the body heal as fast as possible. It checks your energy for certain energies you may be depleted in, from energetic nutrition (and clears blocks to receiving that) to energies from your Divine origin or planet if you’re a star seed and fills you in as appropriate. It strengthens and amplifies your manifestation muscles. This is a small fraction of what it does. It basically has 1,000 modalities rolled into one and gives you what will most benefit you in the moment without overwhelming you. The code gets updated and upleveled constantly as new possibilities become available on the planet.

Rapid Core Transformation is great for people that don’t know what their blocks are or are getting triggered faster than they know how to consciously clear their blocks using the tools. It’s great for family members (even if they don’t believe in energy work) because it takes the pressure off of you trying to find all their blocks to healing.

How long is it recommended to receive it for? As long as possible. For physical or chronic issues, it may take more than a few months for all that energy to be cleared out. The energy is going to do everything it can possibly do, but sometimes it takes time for physical bodies to repair themselves and shift.

“Chronic” blocks may have trillions of lifetimes of energies attached to them. It might take months or longer to get that energy cleared in a way that doesn’t overprocess you. 

The preventative coding to work on clearing blocks before they activate when possible pays for itself many times over. Sometimes when blocks get triggered, they can show up in our universe as things breaking down, expensive house and car issues that come out of nowhere, so when it’s possible, Rapid Core Transformation clears those blocks before they materialize. It’s hard to quantify the value of this numerically, but Rapid Core Transformation has specific programming that the healing service pays for itself many times over.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email within 48 hours letting you know that Rapid Core Transformation has been customized and activated for you. It will run 24/7 in every moment in a way that will not overprocess or overwhelm you for the duration of your subscription. Giving yourself the gift of around-the-clock energetic support is one of the kindest things you can ever do for yourself. Sign up now!

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I have been so happy laughing and smiling and being more of myself. I love Rapid Core Transformation. It seems people are smiling at more. I don’t even feel I have to wear any make-up. I feel beautiful on the inside and out. I am sleeping better than ever before. Rapid Core Transformation is the best decision I made and I would highly recommend it. 

– Ann

*After the trial period, Rapid Core Transformation is set to auto-renew for your convenience at $100 a month for 1 person or $180 a month for 2 people for life-changing energetic support. You have full control over your subscription at any time by logging into Paypal and going to the “Manage Subscriptions” page.